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Open 7 days a week.

Farm Shop: 01323 815033
Redwood Cottage: 01273 858246
Mobile: 07971 604610

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A comprehensive selection of Animal Feed is available.

Horse feed manufacturers include:

  • Baileys
  • PAVO
  • Dengie
  • Dodson & Horrell
  • Duffields
  • HorseHage
    Kent Haylage
  • Marriages
  • Saracen

  • Allen & Page
  • GARVO Poultry and Pigeon Feeds

    Cattle, Pig and Poultry feed manufacturers include:

    • BOCM Pauls
    • Charnwood
    • Dodson & Horrell
    • Grain Harvesters
    • Marriages
    • Saracen
    • Grain Harvesters
    • Allen & Page

    We may not have all the products from every one of the above manufacturers at any one time

    Dog and Cat feed manufacturers include

    • Burgess
    • Chudleys
    • Denes
    • Eukanuba
    • Gilpa
    • Iams
    • James Wellbeloved
    • Pal
    • Pascoes
    • Pedigree
    • Purina

    Other Feeds include

    • Wheat
    • Barley
    • Oats
    • Maize (kibbled or flaked)
    • Mixed Corn (wheat & maize)
    • Bran
    • Sugar Beet

    Roughage Feeds include

    • Hay
    • Haylage
    • Oat straw
    • Barley straw
    • Molassed Chaff

    Bedding includes

    • Wheat straw
    • Shavings (by-product of sawmills)
    • Shavings (made specifically for horses)
    • Shredded paper

    Animal welfare products include:

    • N A F (Natural Animal Feeds)
    • Mite and Insect control etc.

    Delivery and payment

    Delivery: This can usually be arranged (subject to minimum order value) for most of Kent, East & West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. See our delivery area for more information.

    Payment:We accept Cash and/or Credit/Debit cards. We regret that cheques can only be accepted from approved accounts.

    Where to find us

    Middle Farm is situated on the A 27 Trunk Road between Brighton and Eastbourne. We are right against the A27 four miles east of Lewes on the north side of the road.

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